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We exist to help you and your business succeed. Business law is intimidating, and you can’t expect to navigate it on your own. Layfield Law Practice will help you avoid hidden pitfalls, successfully manage risk, and operate at your full potential. From financing to brand protection, we help our clients turn their startup dreams into a profitable reality.

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wood path next to pond with fish illustrating the concept of mergers and acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

From initial negotiations to the term sheet through to closing, we handle the legal aspects of all manner of company sales and acquisitions while keeping the goals of our clients top-of-mind. Often, even the smallest detail can be critical; Layfield Law Practice provides the guidance needed to maneuver the M&A transaction process deftly.

Mergers & Acquisitions
venture capital and angel investments shown by man in suit in a wheat field

Venture Capital & Angel Investments

You’ve got the idea, now you can make it happen. Your startup needs early investors to get off the ground, and you need venture capital to grow. From seed stage to equity investments, Layfield Law Practice can help you build a plan and lock-in investors.

V.C. & Angel Investments
people walking in office that illustrate the concept of commercial transactions

Commercial Transactions

Don’t put yourself at risk. In business, an agreement is only as good as the written contract. Layfield Law Practice works with its clients to deftly negotiate and efficiently draft contracts, so clients know they are protected. Learn more about how we can help you.

Commercial Transactions
intellectual property and brand protection illustrated by an unlit match next to burned matches

Intellectual Property & Brand Protection

You know the importance of guarding your most valuable asset. Your reputation depends on strong IP protection. Layfield Law Practice can set you up for success from the very beginning.

IP & Brand Protection
red and white paper airplanes that illustrate the idea of software and technology

Software & Technology

Layfield Law Practice can help you with developer agreements, SaaS distribution, and more. Find out why tech startups depend on Layfield Law.

Software & Technology
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Serving the Community

We are serious about service.

Layfield Law Practice is committed to Austin. We cherish our community and care deeply about changing lives through the organizations we choose to serve.

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